The Story So Far

Many winters ago, four adventurers sailed upon the shores of a cold but prosperous land. One night, they constructed a fire on top of a momentous peak to ask the wise god Odin what lie ahead of them. Inside the smoke danced bear warriors and golden halls, whispering ravens and far away realms. It was then that the four pledged to call their banner Norsfell.

Before long, their path crossed with other travelers who held the same vision, seeking to join them to create new stories and ways of reaching out to people all over the land. To this day, these banner folk put their hearts together into sharing the passion to live boldly across Midgard.

Will you too join them?

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Norsfell is a game developer based in Montreal, Canada. Like the great Vikings from the past, we too sail over the oceans, helped by the gods. The company was founded in 2013 with one mission in mind:

Forge new genres that bring people together.






Julian Maroda

Co-Founder, CEO, Minister of Creation

Lulled by chiptunes at a very early age, Julian captains the drakkar and directs all matter of creative design at Norsfell. This half-man, half-Belgian beast also acts as propaganda master with his body made of 10% Vikings.

Richard Savann

Senior Game Designer

Keeping watch on the design intentions day and night, Richard is always strategizing our next move. With the precision of a finely-forged war hammer, his quest is clear: craft the perfectly imbalanced experience.

Jean-Philippe Beck

Head of Marketing

JP is our favourite Community Manager after Sydnee. His goal is to seek an army of strong Vikings that will help our team fight the Giants. His dream was to work in games and live in Canada. Mission accomplished!

Ana Tavera

UI Artist

Control schemes enthusiast, Ana trained in the not-so-arcane arts of graphic design and game design in the primordial Ginnungagap. She now brings her experience to Midgard to offer the best visual/tactile feedback.

Franck Hild

DevOps Programmer

Wandering between worlds, Franck draws from the roots of Yggdrasil to strengthen the foundations of its inhabitants and buildings. He carries with him the wonders of each Realm as he travels into the next.

Carl Boisvert

Back-End Programmer

Inspired by the flaming sword of Surtr, Carl travelled to Muspelheim to learn their secret craft. Upon his return to Midgard, he shared what he learned by forging a back-end so strong it could withstand Ragnarök itself!

Stéphanie Desharnais

Concept Artist

Armed with naught but her pen, Stéphanie journeyed North to join the tribe and explore Midgard further. Wielding the pen of power, she manifests visions to guide the sculptures of the clan’s crafters.

Katherine Gagné

3D Animator

Odin’s Seidr is no match for this animator. With a sense for visual poetry that would make Bragi weep, Kat sees past the web of Wyrd with such clarity that she could even teach the Allfather a thing or two.

Xavier Pouillot

Live-Ops Designer

A surefooted traveler from beyond the Realm, Xavier upholds the divine responsibilities of Live-Operations. By scaling the heights and depths of Yggdrasil like Ratatoskr, he connects worlds to a common goal.

Sean Ilantzis

Senior Gameplay Programmer

Fueled by a passion for games, Sean tackles technical challenges with the precision of Gungnir. His love of problem-solving propels him to conquer the vast landscapes of game development with relentless spirit.

Arnaud Contri

Co-Founder, Minister of Art

Passionate of science-fiction and fantasy, this expert in graphic design and pyrotechnic effects defines the artistic vision at Norsfell. He finds the equilibrium in characters and story, UI and scenery. To take their souls.

Bryan Geerts

Lead Technical Artist

Traveler of the 7 seas, Bryan joined the Viking clan as a modern age sculptor and blacksmith. This shaman who exists in a world of triangles now fiddles with his polygon magic to create a spectacle of any concept.

Marie Lherminé

Character Artist

Born in the French Elven woods, Marie traveled the north to make this tribes her new home. Using her magical modeler runes, she summons new creatures into the world and breathe colorful life into their essences.

Olivier Badorg

Concept Artist

Olivier joined the Viking clan to weave visual tales, chronicling humanity’s adventures throughout the Nine Worlds. Armed with a stick from Yggdrasil itself, his art captures every detail the eye can see.

Judi Polillo

QA Tester

This valiant hunter takes no prisoners when it comes to tracking down elusive issues that could hamper a game’s success. Armed with an eye for detail greater than Odin’s, no bug in the nine realms can escape Judi’s sight.

Sperantsa Tofan

QA Manager

With Hel’s blessings, Speransta assumes the mantle of managing QA. She scavenges the Nine Realms with one goal in mind: to trap bugs and sentence them to the depths of Niflhel where their fates reflect their sins.

Marius Ibanez

Senior Gameplay Programmer

A wanderer, Marius joined the grand expedition to Vinland to establish a new home. Upon the distant shores, in the thick of the game creation battlefield, he wields his axe in honor of Mímir’s infinite knowledge.

Florence Proulx-Dubois

3D Artist

Florence enthusiastically studies dwarven art to give shape to magical gear and mighty creatures. Just like the Vikings, she is fascinated by the animals of the Nine Realms and has a soft spot for shiny things.

Eric Chan

QA Tester

Apprentice to Heimdallr, Eric surveys the Realms for looming threats, ever standing guard against the unending tide of bugs. By his strength, the good people of Midgard are gifted a peaceful sleep at night.

Jean-Michel Roy

Level Designer

Once but a simple traveler from Midgard, Jean-Michel came across a Seed of Yggdrasil. Guided by his imagination, he tapped into its power to create entire new worlds, more fun than any mortal realm could offer.

Régis Cajet

Co-Founder, Minister of Development

The Reg is Norsfell’s technical director. Seeing life in 0s and 1s, he communicates with servers effortlessly and catch exceptions quicker than his digital shadow. A new way to look at reality!

Simon Flandre

Associate Tech Director (Gameplay)

Passionate about games and motivated by challenges, Simon is a raven programmer who loves to conquer problems and claim victories on behalf of Odin. After all: impossible n’est pas français!

Zack Hiltz

Project Lead

Ever vigilant, the LumberZack stands guard to keep watch over the nine realms and prepare for battle against the risks of game development. Securing defenses and sounding alarms, he makes Heimdallr proud.

Alberto Restrepo

VFX Artist

Trading the warm Colombian beaches for the biting fjords of the North, Alberto ventured across Midgard to enchant the tribes with his explosive magics. His pyrotechnical skills are matched only by those of Surtr.

Louis Sciannamblo

Senior Concept Artist

An avid illustrator and gardener raised on the cold islands of the North, Louis uses his seer magic to guide the crafters of Midgard and their creations. For this oracle, the past, present and future are all intertwined.

Maxime Bruneau-Lavoie

Graphics Programmer

A lifelong practitioner in the dark arts of computer graphics, Maxime roams all over Midgard to alter the very bones of the land. Just like Freyja, he is joined by a pair of mischievous cats who never leave his side.

Ève Brunet-Marx

Content Creator

Guided by Odin, Ève brings forth her creativity in service of Midgard to craft stunning content. Her sense of storytelling and passion for visual communication draws Vikings from all over to gather around Yggdrasil.

Thomas Hardy

3D Animator

Traveling along the Eastern shores, Thomas found himself amongst a tribe of Vikings! Dazzled by his puppeteer skills, they accepted him as one of their own. Now he must learn their ways to become a true warrior!

Antoine Souriau

IT Technician

After a long, 10 year voyage beyond the northern fjords, Antoine took the Bifröst to lend his spear in support of his fellow companions. Armed with new secrets, he ensures the clan’s hardware is always ready for battle.

Wayne Gonsalves

Senior Environment Artist

An ancient builder forged from the depths of the Western mountains, Wayne is on a never-ending quest for the lost secrets of visual arts. He now lends his knowledge to appease the gods of his new tribe.

Benjamin Jouan

Co-Founder, Minister of Progress

World trekker Ben is back-end developer at Norsfell. This problem solver makes time management his shield and code hacking his sword, thus creating an accomplished warrior who loves couscous!

Sydnee McLeod

Senior Community Manager

Sydnee is our favourite Community Manager after JP, and she aims to unite players far and wide. An online-dwelling creature, she is passionate about games and has an affinity for crafting a virtual presence.

Fabien Durival

Technical Animator

After having explored the world, this islander settled down in Midgard to share his modern sculpting skills with passionate banner folk. Because life is movement, Fabien weaves the web of Wyrd to make inert objects move.

Lysane Perreault

Studio Head

Born in the blistering cold lair of a treasure hoarding dragon, this Seer joined the tribe to ensure they are always provided for. Watching over the spirit of the troops (and their loot), Lysane breathes a passion for games.

Francis Vermette-David

Gameplay Programmer

Curious by nature, the daring explorer known as Francis wields both logic and patience to ensure a safer journey for the tribe. Tinkering with tools and schematics, this Viking helps to keep the drakkar afloat in all weathers.

Joel Chilvers Ducharme

Combat Designer

A riddle and mad scientist both, Joel is an architect of combat and personal tactician of the Æsir, hand-picked by Freyja from the fields of Fólkvangar. When the Vikings sing their songs of battle, it is in honour of Joel’s domain.

Patricia Cormier

Environment Artist

Through her artistic background, Patricia is adept at weaving beautiful pieces of gear together, ensuring that those with a sense for fashion can brave the world around them in comfort, and with some flair.

Cole Davison

Associate Producer

When he isn’t wrestling Jörmungandr or petting the very good boy Fenrir, Cole patrols the Nine Realms of game development. Despite his trickster nature, he makes sure to quell the chaos in Midgard, not cause it.

Vincent Tromel

Level and Environment Artist

This nature-loving woodland spirit has the ability to create exquisite magical items while cheerfully arranging the very land to his harmonious delights. Sociable and joyful, Vincent is always at the ready to help the tribe.

This Could Be You!

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Jason Della Rocca

Co-Founder, Execution Labs

Arguably the most connected person in games, Jason is an indie evangelist who served as the executive director of the IGDA for 9 years. He’s lectured at conferences worldwide and received many awards.

Johan Eile

Limited Partner, Play Ventures

Former GM at Kabam Montreal (Riposte Games), creators of the hit mobile game Shop Heroes. As a seasoned executive from Ubisoft and THQ, Johan puts his background in business to help build for success.

Keith Katz

Co-Founder, Execution Labs

Keith is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of games industry experience. He co-founded early stage investor Execution Labs & has held executive positions at Cellufun, OpenFeint, and Gameloft.

JP Gauthier

Head of Media Platforms, Google

Fan of technologies, JP designed his first software at 11 years old. He has since followed his passion to Google where he educates people on media platforms and inspires them to execute out of the ordinary ideas.